History and Goals

We have always wanted to do something to honor some of our friends and fellow musicians from Tampa Bay and all of Florida. This desire for me, began long ago in 1998! I searched for those of like mind and found some interesting people who wanted to do the same.

In 2007, due to my own efforts, I was asked to serve on the board of the Florida Music Hall of Fame and build a web site to represent the organization. We had several board meetings. The acting president collected membership fees from an unknown number of people and eventually left Florida and handed off the organization to one of his friends. The efforts made and the money collected seemed to have vanished as far as I can understand.

In 2008, I was asked through Tedd Webb to serve as president of the Florida Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame by the then secretary and webmaster who filed with the state as a non profit but never paid the fee. This person eventually lost interest and shut down the website. And there again, the funds collected through that website seemed to have vanished as well.

So, as a musician and Florida native, I am still carrying the torch to honor and salute all Florida artists, musicians & entertainers, famous or not, as long as they have made valid contributions in some way to the music industry and have roots in the state of Florida.

The goal remains the same, to hold concerts and induction ceremonies, honoring the obvious and many luminaries of Florida music and recognizing all who deserve the recognition.

We can continue this process first by exibiting and supporting that original website, now found at FloridaMusicHall.com where all communications should be directed. And by holding all members involved to the highest standards of integrity, I believe we can achieve success! Your support is appreciated, and you are cordially invited to take an active roll.

Sincerely, Charlie Souza, Board of Directors Emeritus, Tampa Bay Music Hall of Fame,
Central Florida Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and The Florida Music Hall of Fame.
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