The Band

CHARLIE SOUZA ~ Bass & Vocals - Has toured and recorded with the New Rascals, featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Dino Danelli & Gene Cornish with Bill Pascali of Vanilla Fudge and was influenced by most artists he has worked with, including Tom Petty, Gregg Allman, Cactus, White Witch and The Tropics. Souza has also recorded with drummer Bill Lordan, formerly of Robin Trower and Sly & The Family Stone, saxophonist Adrian Tapia of Boz Scaggs, and original Tropics guitarist Eric Turner of Atlantic Records Melodic Metal Group Fortress. Charlie released his solo albums "Live Your Dream” and "9 Ball in the Corner Pocket" on Souzaphone Records and has written and recorded the official winning city song of St. Petersburg, Florida, "Carry me Back to St. Petersburg" and "Make it Right (In the Gulf of Mexico)", a tribute to the victims of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Souza is the author of a Rock 'n' Roll Autobiography, Live Your Dream.

JAYBO KEY ~ Guitar & Vocals - Jeffrey Charles "Jaybo" Key has played with Bruce Springsteen, Atlantic recording artist Rochelle D, Toy Caldwell, The Crests, Mercy, The Dovells and members of Todd Rundgren's Utopia & Blue Oyster Cult and has been entertaining professionally for over 30 years. Jaybo Key is a dynamic, highly skilled and talented musician's musician and entertainer with professional qualifications as a guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter and vocalist, a creative, artistic, self motivated teaching professional with a solid reputation for effectively providing instruction on any musical subject to people of all ages! Jaybo is in the same family tree as The Star Spangled Banner's composer, Francis Scott Key
MIKE CONWAY ~ Drums & Vocals - Originally from Flint, Michigan, Mike did some television work with Frank Casey in Flint. He also plays bass, trumpet, trombone, guitar, tuba and Souzaphone, (the instrument invented by Charlie's great, great..) Mike's Band "TKO" enjoyed great success up and down the eastern seaboard and in the Midwest with airplay and tour support following the release of the album "On the Mat," featuring the hit single "Karen". Mike now plays on recordings for artists from around the world, and is also a writer. His work, both creative and musical, is used everyday by companies around the world for advertising, in training films, TV productions and films, as well as playing on hundreds of recordings for countless artists in development and well known recording artists, live on stage and in the recording studio. Some References include: Nicolette Larson, Nancy Wilson, Tone Loc, Neil Larsen, Richy Kicklighter & Bertie Higgins.
RAYMOND HILLARY~ Lead Singer / Congas / Percussionist / Keyboardist / Rhythm Guitar OK at some trades.........master of none. Born to a poor family in the Canoe Boundary Waters area of Northern Minnesota, eh, Raymond was abandoned as a baby. His birth-parents later apologized, but gave this statement as their reason for abandonment: "The kid looked found the biggest, baddest ugly stick and clubbed him a good one." Raymond was adopted by a pack of gray wolves and spent his formative years learning social and hunting skills. During an unusually hard winter, the pack started looking at Raymond in a different light. For the sake of not being eaten, and, wanting to stay in the land of the living...he made his way out of the woods!
And now, he's a great singer in a Rock 'n' Roll Band!


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