Allman Brothers Band
Mushroom Pendant
1972 -18 karat Gold

Some History
The New Cactus Band, led by Duane Hitchings, released one album (Son Of Cactus) and featured nobody of the original Cactus. Mike Pinera, formerly of Blues Image and Iron Butterfly, came in on guitar, along with Roland Robinson on bass and Jerry Norris on drums. The band then toured live in the Midwest and on the East Coast in mid 1973 with Captain Beyond drummer Bobby Caldwell and former Greg Allman bass player Charlie Souza.

The Story

While Gregg and I were riding across Gandy Bridge in his limosine from a night club in St. Pete where he had come to see me play with Bacchus in 1972, he handed this pendant to me and asked if I'd join his band. This is some time after Berry Oakley had died in a motorcycle accident. I eventually opted to tour with the New Cactus Band and the Allman Brothers Band added bassist Lamar Williams. Hittin' the Web with The Allman Brothers Band

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