Tom Petty (vocals, guitar); Mike Campbell (guitar);
Benmont Tench (keyboards);
Howie Epstein (bass); Stan Lynch (drums, background vocals).
Additional personnel includes:
Lenny Kravitz (vocals, bass, drums); Stevie Nicks (vocals);
Jimmy Iovine (spoken vocals); George Harrison (acoustic guitar,
Jeff Lynne (guitar, synthesizer, bass);
Tom Leadon, David A. Stewart (guitar); Scott Thurston (slide guitar);
Charlie Sousa (bass), Marty Jourard (saxophone);
Lee Thornburg (trumpet); Al Kooper (piano);
Ron Blair, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Emory Gordy (bass);
Randall Marsh, Jim Gordon (drums); Phil Jones, Chris Trujillo, George Drakoulias (percussion); Bangles, Marilyn Martin [background vocals

In Conversations With Tom Petty...
Petty discusses the last days of Mudcrutch when they recorded at Leon Russell's house when the band recorded "Hometown Blues":

"Yeah, that was the dying days of Mudcrutch. Mudcrutch's last hurrah. And that's why there's a couple of them on the record. And the record didn't really take shape until Duck Dunn played his bass line. That was the last throws of me being a solo artist, was how that track started. "I did bring The Heartbreakers in, and they overdubbed to the track. But the basic track was Randall Marsh, Mudcrutch's drummer, and Duck Dunn playing the bass and Charlie Sousa, in the last few minutes of Mudcrutch, we brought him in to be the bass player, and he really didn't know how to play the sax, but he was playing it. and it got this really kind of STAX sound. "It was on a tape at Leon's house that someone already used. And I actually engineered the basic track. Because there was nobody around..."

Shelter Records 5112 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA.

Danny, Denny, Tom, Benmont, Randall, Mike


Don't do me Like That - Mudcrutch Version
Recorded at Leon Russell's Home Studio Tulsa, Oklahoma - Bass - C. Sousa :)

In 1974, the members of Mudcrutch decided to relocate to Los Angeles to try to sign with a major record label. After several rejections, they signed with Leon Russell's independent Shelter Records. The band released one single, "Depot Street" in 1975, which failed to chart. After Danny Roberts left the group, Petty invited Charlie Souza to take over on bass guitar and the band continued recording in Leon Russell's Tulsa studio, and later at his Encino, California home. Discouraged by the group's lack of success, the record company broke up Mudcrutch in late 1975, keeping only Petty under contract. Several months later, Petty regrouped with former Mudcrutch members Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench to form The Heartbreakers along with fellow Gainesville natives Stan Lynch (drums) and Ron Blair (bass).Read the story @

It was an honor to have worked with Tom. His music will live forever!


Lost in Your Eyes - Mudcrutch
Recorded at Leon Russell's Home Studio - Encino, California
- Bass - C. Sousa :)


History 1970–1975
Mudcrutch was formed in 1970 by teenage Gainesville, Florida residents Tom Petty and Tom Leadon, who had been playing together in a band called the Epics. Mudcrutch's lineup consisted of Petty (bass and vocals), Leadon (guitar and vocals), Jim Lenehan (vocals), Randall Marsh (drums) and Mike Campbell (guitar). This incarnation of the band issued a locally-distributed single ("Up In Mississippi"/"Cause Is Understood") in 1971, with Petty writing and singing both songs. Leadon and Lenehan left the band in 1972 and were replaced by bassist/guitarist/vocalist Danny Roberts and keyboardist Benmont Tench. Ricky Rucker was a part of the band for a short time. Mudcrutch became locally popular and regularly played gigs from central Florida to southern Georgia. In Gainesville, they had a long stint as the house band at Dub's Lounge and organized several well-attended music festivals at "Mudcrutch Farm", a run-down house on a large lot where several band members lived.

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