Orders can be placed to either Bill Lordan or Jim Lemon.

When ordering by mail please send a check or money order for $12.00 to this address:

Bill Lordan
4102 West 36th Street
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

If you wish to order with a credit card you may order through www.paypal.com to the Pay Pal ID of jameslemon@hotmail.com. Please state which style of clip and
quantities desired in your letter or Pay Pal message.

Bill Lordan and Jim Lemon have collaborated again on a new spare drumstick holder. The new Stick Clip II has been designed to fit all drum applications, including marching drums. This new design was the result of many requests from drummers to have a spare drumstick holder to fit their applications.
The original Stick Clip was designed for Bill's personal preference. Holding three spare drumsticks it was mounted between two tension lugs on an eight lug - 16" floor tom. Because of the many requests from drummers Jim and Bill were asked to develop a new design with "global" applications.
The result is the Stick Clip II. The new design mounts on any drum by inserting a tension lug through the body of the clip. Counter tension provided by felt covered stabilizer wings keep the unit in place. This new design holds a single pair of spare drum sticks.
Both the original Stick Clip and the new Stick Clip II accommodate drum sticks of 5a, 9a, 2b, 3b, 5b, 7b and those of similar diameter. It will also accommodate both Indoor and Outdoor marching drum sticks.
After either of the Stick Clips are installed on the chosen drum, simply insert your spare sticks into the top of their holders and snap out when needed - it is that simple! And, in most cases neither design requires removal from the drum kit when placing your drums in drum cases for transportation or storage.
Over 1,000 drummers nationwide have purchased the original Stick Clip. We believe the new Stick Clip II will satisfy your requirements for an easy to use accessible spare drumstick holder.

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