Famous Native American Actor
"Kanghi Duta"
playing major roles in such films as Dances with Wolves
and in The Doors Movie as Jim Morrison's spiritual guide.

Track Listing:
1 Custer Died for Your Sins
2 Red, White and Black
3 Here Come the Anthros
4 Thirty Five More Miles
5 B.I.A.
6 Going Back
7 Missionaries
8 Task Force
9 World Without Tomorrow
10 Where Were You When
11 They Didn't Listen
Album Credits: Executive Producer - Max Gail
Floyd Red Crow Westerman - Vocals, Guitar, Main Artist
Christiaan Mostert - Keyboards
James Quill Smith - Guitar
Charles Souza - Bass Guitar

DeWayne Quirico - Drums

Peter Hunt - Guitar (Steel)

This is one of the few recordings made by this intriguing Sioux musician who also goes by the name of Red Crow, which he traces back to his grandfather. He inherited this recording back from the label that had originally financed and released it, and it contains most of Westerman's most famous songs. He doesn't seem to have created a large catalog of compositions in his career, but the tricks he does have up his sleeve are good ones! The title song is tough and to the point, while other songs such as "Here Come the Anthros" reveal a stinging satirical sense of humor. Two anthems on the second side are particularly hard-hitting: "Missionaries," certainly a well-deserved jab, and "Where Were You When," which takes a poke at Native American pride of the opportunistic sort. Westerman is an engaging singer with a catchy sense of rhythm, and it is a shame he hasn't cranked out another dozen albums of protest songs; his people certainly have plenty to complain about.
Eugene Chadbourne, All Music Guide.



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