Born & raised in the Tampa, St. Petersburg area, Charlie Souza played music from the very beginning. Playing in his first rock and roll band "The Tropics", he couldn't know then that he would end up in Hollywood with Tom Petty! While living in California, on January 17th, 1994, the big 7.1 Northridge earthquake's epicenter was just 8 miles from home in Studio City! With the building falling down around him, Charlie really thought he was breathing his last breath, but by the grace of God, survived the quake, only to be driven to tears later that week by several 4.5 & 5.1 aftershocks! During that time, Charlie's only thought was to come home to the safety and comfort of the white sandy beaches he'd known as a young boy, here in Tampa/St. Petersburg. Out of that deep emotion came this song, which was performed live on the main stage in Vinoy Park when Charlie and his band opened the show for Mountain. The New Tropics made their debut at Ribfest 2003's Classic Rock Concert. A homecoming celebration in his dream of being home again and realizing that this beautiful area, Tampa/St.Pete, is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - not only for him, but for all who live here and enjoy the gift of sunshine and blue skies, all those boats out on the water, and our beautiful white sandy beaches!



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