It might be said that if the '50s started things rolling for Rock 'n' Roll, then in the '60's it was time to jump on board!

"The Beatles obviously led the way in rekindling the flame in Rock and Roll Combos, and Motown was still keeping things dancable with their great roster of performers and songwriters, backed by one of the greatest rythm sections ever - The Funk Brothers. "The Wrecking Crew" fueled by legendary drummers Hal Blane and Earl Palmer, were doing the same thing on the West Coast, (even for groups boasting their own drummers). These were all great jazz musicians who made the decision to adapt to early Rock's simple requirements, and they went on to create a standard by which Rock 'n' Roll was to be measured.

In 1965, a 21 year old drummer named Dino (Robert) Danelli was shaking things up with a group called
"The Young Rascals". He came up with a new recipe for combining Rock's back beat with jazz elements."


"Being in a band freed him up from the contraints of formulas imposed by producers and record companies, The Rascals churned out hit after hit and Dino was turning heads with his dazzling display of technique and showmanship. While English drummers were popularizing the matched grip, Dino stayed true to form using the traditional grip and proved there was no problem in delivering the all powerful 2 and 4 back beat!
By incorporating New Orleans flavored beats with firey drum fills, a more prominent bass drum and stick twirling, Dino was doing for Rock and Roll what Gene Krupa had done for the big bands of the '30s and '40s, and helped reshape Rock and Roll History!

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