"Let's see, ahh, turn up to 11!"
"Charlie's getting yelled at again by stage manager Rick Baynard from Turn of the Century Productions"
"Hot Keyboard"

"And the crowd Roars"
"Can you hear me now?"
"A really hot band! (about 110º)"

"Red hot vocals!"
"Even Hotter!"
"Full Frontal"

"We look just as good from the back!"
"I ain't afraid of 10,000 people are you?"
"On the Shores of Sweet Tampa Bay!"

.... .............
"The Big Guy & Me" "OK, this guy is in the band for sure!"
.... .............

Photography by Judy Barrett

Hello Charlie, I want to thank you and the New Tropics for performing November 15th and opening for Mountain on the main stage at Ribfest 2003. The band was great!!! The audience really liked your music. As you know I grew up in St. Petersburg and the Tropics were "the band" while I was in high school! The band was a pleasure to work with before and after the show.. Warmest regards, Tom Whiteman, Chairman Ribfest 2003


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