Press Release

The Live band features Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Dino Danelli & Gene Cornish with Vanilla Fudges former lead singer Bill Pascali and former Tom Petty bass guitarist Charlie Souza

This is one of those bands where even if the name isn't instantly recognizable, then surely the hits are. It would be hard to find someone who hasn't heard their number one hits like "Good Lovin'" and "Groovin'" which each embody the free spirit of that generation.

This version of the band combines the two original members with some skilled musicians from famous bands in their own right. Joining Danelli and Cornish are bassist Charlie Souza (who has worked with Tom Petty) and Vanilla Fudge's Bill Pascali on keyboards and vocals.
Danelli said it is a great recreation of his original band's sound because the two new musicians are "very talented" and that everyone in the band is a showman.

"The music is timeless, it really is," said drummer Dino Danelli, who along with guitarist Gene Cornish are the two original members in the group. "What we're trying to capture is the energy and high excitement of an original Rascals show. We built our name on our live show, and this just continues that more than 40 years later."




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