The Tropics Story: The incredible true tale of Florida’s #1 showband of the ’60s, as told by their longtime bass player Charlie Souza, who is still rocking today with The New Tropics. www.podcast.garagepunk.com ~ The show features many of the band's best-loved hits as well as the Tropics' recording of "Still Get a Chill."
Co-produced by host MalThursday and JeffMiami ~ JM Dobies
Producer/Host, Industrious Communications Inc., St. Augustine, Florida

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The Tropics Anthology 1965 ~ 1969The Tropics Anthology
1965 - 1969

On this 17 song CD The Tropics Anthology 1965 - 1969, you'll find most all of the origional recordings of the records made by the band, some on major labels like Columbia and Malaco Records, some on local Florida labels such as Thames and Laurie Records in NewYork.. All songs on this CD are the ORIGINAL RECORDINGS of Florida's #1 Show Band 1965-1969, The Fabulous Tropics!
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