Really great! Every time I listen to Charlie Souza`s music, I always want more, never can wait for the next cd to turn up in my mailbox. Almost like being addicted!!! Kjell Andreassen RADIO HOLSTEBRO
Holstebro Denmark

Charlie, I really like "Black Jacket Woman". It has strong melodies! I also listened to "COMPILATION ALBUM".
I like "Bring It Back" very much! Your voice is smooth and harmonies are beautiful!
"I'm Flyin", "Hold On" and "Live Your Dream" are also good. These are melodic rock that I like!
Yuki - Melodic Renaissance Magazine Japan

I felt like I was listening to music that I always thought was with some substance, like back in the 70's and 80's. Back then, there were very talented bands out there delivering quality music that was worth its salt. Your music, particularly 9 Ball & Live Your Dream has that quality and has the edge to take what was good back then and bring it up to date. It's Rock and Roll I like and search hard for today that I liked yesterday and has the sound of rock and roll for tomorrow! I love rock and roll, and, Charlie, your music is Rock 'n' Roll. I'd like to add that the production quality is excellent and the musicians are outstanding in every way!
Lou Ricca, President - Backstage Pass Productions - Zurich, Switzerland

A real stroke of genius!
I was first introduced to Charlie Souza via Bill Lordan (Robin Trower Band). He colaborated with Bill and Eric Turner on some songs and I wanted to hear more. Livin' In Paradise is a wonderful album with a diversity of styles. Jazzed up Rock and Roll in Summertime Blues, some mean sax. Latin influenced blues (Javier Vargas/Santana) on track 4. Time. Amazing song. Funky rock. If you like your music happy then this album is a must as Charlie takes you on a Trip Thru Time to a Simple Life. Mr Souza is very lucky to be surrounded by some great musicians too. The guitar and brass sound so pure. Great production skills. A real stroke of genius is to finish the CD with a classic Lennon/McCartney track, All You Need Is Love. Dare I say it??? Equals the original version. Livin' In Paradise is a marvellous blend of memorable tunes, great stories and observations, served up in an appetising array of styles. I'll be surprised if I can find a more enjoyable listen this year
Ray Martin, Northern Ireland

It has a great sound and a great variety of music.
The New Tropics did a great job of pulling together an album that provides a variety of music with some that is reminiscent of the Old Tropics, but with a big band sound. I had to get used to the New Tropic sound, but was blown away by the great sound of the album. It is truly one of the best albums I have ever heard! Reviewer: Kathleen McKnight Baird

Liverpool, England ~ "Oh what joy! It's like a breath of fresh air blowing through the house!" ........ Sitting here going through this week's batch of CD's that have been dropped on my door mat, I am beginning to hope the next one is not going to be either a tribute to Robert Johnson or somebody trying to be SRV mixed with Hendrix. Then out of the blue I put on Charlie Souza's " 9 Ball In The Corner Pocket" CD and oh what joy, Like a breath of fresh air blowing through the house! Every track on the CD has such feeling and depths it's a pleasure to listen to. So if you find yourself sitting back wondering what CD to play for a change then go no further than this one! Then, after you have played it, go out and find "Live Your Dream " anther great CD from Charlie.
Ray & Barb O'Hare ~ Blues Radio UK ~ Blues With A Smile Records ~ Warrington Blues Club & Festival ~

United Kingdom - "A long lost AOR-star that has recently resurfaced is Charlie Souza, one-time bass player for pomp legends Fortress. I say resurfaced, the fact is he's never been away! Having carved out a successful career as a session musician, as well as releasing several CDs, Charlie's profile has never been higher. more .... Robbie Evans ~ Powerplay Magazine, York, England

Munich, Germany ~ Reviewer: Dirk Stursberg ~ 9 Ball in the Corner Pocket zählt zu den absoluten Favoriten in meiner Sammlung. Charlie Souza zieht alle Register eines guten Musikers: Rock, Pop, Funk, Balladen - und sogar ein Beatles-Klassiker darf auf dieser CD nicht fehlen. Diese CD ist in MUSS für Fans guter Musik. Darum kann ich jedem nur raten, diese CD umgehend zu bestellen.

New York, NY ~ 9 BALLS TO THE WALL ROCK 'n ROLL... Reviewer: David Salidor ~ After the Souza-man's last rock-effort, I was curious to see where he'd go... well, NYC DREAMS is one of the best rock-tracks I've heard this year... you should see the video too! Really, Souza deserves to be on every station's playlist. Joyful, soulful music...enjoy! And I'm not even a pool-man! (billiards)

St. Petersburg, Florida ~ I received your CDs, they are wonderful. We are interested in your band for Ribfest, assuming you sound as good live as you do on the CD's.the Tropics are from my high school days here in St. Pete. Thomas R. Whiteman Jr. Ribfest Chairman

Tampa, Florida ~ Your 2 CDs are an example of your versatility. You have grown as a writer, a musician and your vocals are better than ever. I could not put the CDs down when I got them. I also enjoyed the Tropics, you guys were such a large part of my teen years. Damn bro, where did all those years go? Tedd Webb - WFLA Talk Radio

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