Rock 'n' Roll 'n' Soulful Drummer for The Robin Trower Band
Sly & The Family Stone

By all accounts, Bill Lordan's drumming career practically happpened "by accident"... His 6th grade class needed a drummer for the marching band. Bill reluctantly vol-unteered. This big first step was encouraged by one Sister Thomas-Martin, and her rudimentary lesson in time-keeping was just the spark that young Bill needed to make a career out of drumming.

Bill's first kit came for Christmas at age 12, and by the next year Bill was already performing on stage with bands in and around his hometown of Minneapolis. Summer 1964 found Bill playing with his first big soul band called the Amazers, and a new friend on bass - Willie Weeks. A few years later, Bill was asked to join the Esquires, and did quite a bit of touring up and down the Atlantic coastline. He was sporting a black hairdo in 1968, the same year the band received a gold record for the LP "Get Up and Get Away". The next year, Bill met up with his pal Willie once again and decided to form the group The Mystics - a great band featuring a brass section. In fact, they won a Connie Award that year, an honor bestowed to the state's best talent. It was at this time that Bill and Willie had the chance to meet and jam with Jimi Hendrix. The two were invited to New York City, and the infamous Cafe Au-Go-Go for the sessions. Yearning to play more rock music, Bill joined Gypsy from 1970-1973. Releasing three albums during that period ("Antithesis", "In the Garden", and "Unlock the Gates"), Gypsy was often described as a band ahead of it's time - and now, years later, still has a cult following. Bill was flown out to the West coast for session work with Bobby Womack and Ike & Tina Turner, when he was discovered by Sly Stone, and immediately recruited as part of the Family Stone for their "Small Talk" LP in 1974. The subsequent touring carried him around the world, but Bill's fondest memory is Sly's wedding on-stage at Madison Square Garden in New York

Around this time, a guitarist named Robin Trower was looking for a new drummer, adn Bill jumped at the chance. "I knew it was perfect for me" he says, and beat out 25 other guys to get the job. Bill joined up prior to the release of the "for the Earth Below" album (1975), and stayed with the band for a good 10 years straight. The constant touring and hard work payed off... Many of these recordings are considered classics, and have turned into gold or platinum awards.

After criss-crossing the planet many times, Bill decided to take some needed time off. But within a year he found himself back behid the kit for jams, auditions and recording sessions. Bill played with the likes of Fortress, Darrell Mansfield, Lost Angeles and Spellbinder to name just a few - and even jammed with guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen and his new band Alcatraz. By the mid-90's, Bill was playing and recording steadily with the Dave Steffen Band. In 2001 Bill Lordan was an integral part of the Charlie Souza Band on "9 Ball in the Corner Pocket", providing drums as well as songwriting contributions. Bill is currently spearheading a brand new project called The Bill Lordan Experiment. Featuring virtuoso guitarist Eric Turner and bassist Mark Fry, the band has produced two CD's so far. BLX is rooted in blues-rock, and is bound to please many ardent fans of his drumming technique. Bill has come a long way by "accident", and brings a ton of experience into the new millennium!

Here Comes The Storm


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1974 Sly and the Family Stone
Small Talk
1975 Robin Trower
For Earth Below
1975 Robin Trower
BBC Radio 1: Live in Concert
1976 Robin Trower
Long Misty Days
1976 Robin Trower
1977 Robin Trower
In City Dreams
1978 Robin Trower
Caravan to Midnight
1980 Robin Trower
Victims of the Fury
1981 Robin Trower
1993 Dave Steffen Band
Give Me A Thrill
1996 Robin Trower
King Biscuit Flower Hour (In Concert)
1997 Dave Steffen Band
Flying Potion
2000 Charlie Souza
Live Your Dream
2000 Bill Lordan Experiment
2001 Charlie Souza
9 Ball In The Corner Pocket
2001 Bill Lordan Experment
Emotional Blackmail
2003 Bill Lordan Experiment
Here Comes The Storm
2005 Bill Lordan Experment
The Best of

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