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Souzaphone Records 2023

Carry My Load ~ BACCHUS

Riding Easy Records 2015


The Tropics 2015-Original recording 1968

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* Cover Art: Peter Max -Cosmic Jumper. Imagine, immortalized by the John Lennon song as the anthem for the Sixties. , also the anthem for Max’s one-man ‘60s art exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg, Fla. in 2006 with music provided by The New Tropics


Digital Release 2010


Make it Right In the Gulf of Mexico

Souzaphone Records 2010

The New Tropics
Livin' in Paradise

Souzaphone Records 2007

The Treasure Found

Souzaphone Records 2007

The Tropics Anthology 1965 - 1969

All Origional Recordings

Souzaphone Records 2003

Still Get a Chill is a recording of some of the bands favorite old records recorded in 1999 for the soundtrack of our documentary film. I took the tapes and produced some radio ready tracks out of what we had. Buddy P. said it was like putting lipstick on a pig but I rather enjoyed the proccess. It comes with a Beatles song and a new song writtten for the 30 year reunion.
In rememberance of Buddy Pendergrass

BACCHUS Revisited
Souzaphone Records 2003

Motormania II
Phoenix Records
Hamburg Germany 2001
We went there
to collect a few copies to bring back to the states and visited where
The Beatles played!

Live Your Dream

Second Edition
Souzaphone Records ASCAP

9 Ball in the Corner Pocket

Souzaphone Records
2001 & 2009

Featuring Eric Turner and Bill Lordan

Pete Bennett


Live Your Dream

Souzaphone Records 2000
This is the CD that started it all in the new milleniumm with a simultaneous, energetic & creative boost imediately after the Tropics Reunion in 1999!

Floyd Red Crow Westerman

Custer Died for Our Sins

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Shelter Records 1976 .

- The Coo

Souzaphone Records 2022

Good Time / Hope
Envy Records 1972

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