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The Tropics - As Time's Gone"
Vinyl LP Reissue 2018 Guerssen Records Europe - Forced Exposure USA

The Tropics
"You Better Move"/"It's You I'll Miss"

Sundazed Records 2016

The Tropics
2015 (original recording, 1968)

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Album Cover Credit: Peter Max’s Cosmic Jumper, enlivened by a massive sunburst with angels, doves, flying saucers, stars, and a large planet Saturn give cosmic energy to the word, Imagine, immortalized by the John Lennon song as the anthem for the Sixties. It was also the anthem for Max’s one-man ‘60s art exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Fla. in 2006 with music provided by The New Tropics  
2014 Rock Candy Records - United Kingdom

The Tropics - As Time's Gone" Vinyl LP 2013
Guerssen Records Europe - Forced Exposure USA

 Free as a Bird - Souzaphone Records 2014

Would You Like to be Home - Souzaphone Records 2013

Make it Right (In the Gulf of Mexico) Souzaphone 2010

NEW RASCALS: LEGENDS ~ Digital Release 2010

, Fortress "Hands in The Till"
Atlantic Records 1981/Souzaphone Records 2003/ Wounded Bird Records 2008

FORTRESS II "The Treasure Found" Souzaphone 2007

Livin' in Paradise ~ 06/24/07

The New Tropics Live DVD .- 2005

The Compilation CD 2005 ASCAP
Songs from the 9 Ball and Live Your Dream CDs

..BACCHUS ~ REVISITED ~ Tampa's 1970s' Power Trio
Souzaphone Records 2003

.. The Tropics Then and Now "Still Get a Chill"
A recording of some of the band;s favorite old records recorded in 1999 for the soundtrack of our documentary film. I took the tapes and produced some radio ready tracks out of what we had. Buddy P. said it was like putting lipstick on a pig but I rather enjoyed the proccess. It comes with a Beatles song and a new song writtten for the 30 year reunion. Re-released on Souzaphone Records 2003 in rememberance of Buddy Pendergrass

The Tropics Anthology 1965 - 1969 All Origional Recordings
Souzaphone 2003

.The Rose Unplugged version of this song feels great! Nice mix of acoustics. 
2002 ASCAP

Motormania II ~2001 - This CD took me to Hamburg Germany to collect a few copies to bring back to the states and I met with the guys at Phoenix Records in Hamburg. .. Hey, The Beatles played there!

.....9 Ball in the Corner Pocket ! ~ 2001 & 2009 ~
Special Thanks to Eric Turner and Bill Lordan
& Manager Peter Bennett

Live Your Dream! ~ 2001 Second edition released
2001 Souzaphone Records Publishing Company ASCAP

.Live Your Dream! ~ 2000 & 2009
This is the CD that started it all in the new milleniumm with a simultaneous, energetic & creative boost imediately after the Tropics Reunion in 1999!

... The Tropics "Still Get a Chill" First Edition 2000

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Playback - 1995

I worked As a Studio Musician on these next five albums.......

Leon Patillo ~ "Don't Give In" Myrrh Records 1982
Former Santana keyboard player...

Darrel Mansfield "Get Ready" 1981 Gospel Album @

Chi Coltrane ~ Silk and Steel ~ AVI Records 1981

Torill - Over and Over - AVI Records 1979

Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman (native American actor)
"Custer Died for Our Sins" 1978

Gale Force Two Fantasy Records 1978

Gale Force - Blown Away Fantasy Records 1977

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers ~ Shelter Records 1976 .

White Witch "A Spiritual Greeting" Capricorn Records ~ 1974

Talkin' Bout Love ~ The Tropics 1969

Groovy Christmas ~ The Tropics ~ 1968

Time (Take The Time) ~ The Tropics ~ 1968

Black Jacket Woman ~ The Tropics 1966

It's You I'll Miss ~ The Tropics 1966

I Want More ~ The Tropics ~ 1965


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