New York City's own Dino Danelli, original Rascals drummer who formed Bulldog, Fotomaker and played with Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. Danelli is also a jazz drummer by training, having played with Lionel Hampton and in 1961 playing R&B in New Orleans. More at Dino's Drum ...

Los Angeles / Santa Monica, California 6/10/12 – 6/13/12.
Joining Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Rascals drummer Dino Danelli is guitarist Mike Pinera of the Iron Butterfly & Blues Image, on bass, New Rascals Charlie Souza, formerly with Tom Petty, and keyboardist Richard T-Bear Gerstein of Crosby Stills and Nash, The Blues Brothers, Kiss and Cher, to name a few.


After the gigs ran out with the New Rascals, I asked Dino if he wanted to gig as D.D.R. and he jumped on that band wagon and said it was a great idea since I had been booking the N.R. band and still had some irons in the fire!

The bands' first rehearsals were in a hanger by the Santa Monica Airport i n West Los Angeles 6/10 – 6/13/2012 went great!
We were all preparing for the fall tour of Dino Danelli’s Rascals! After a traffic ridden drive up the 405 from their home in Hermosa Beach, Mike and Val pulled up in their Red T-Bird convertible Monday night to the sound stage and airplane hanger building which also houses Bear Lighting, right next to the huge Santa Monica Airport hanger where the filming of Snoop Dogs' summer concert rehearsals had taken place just a few weeks before.

Charlie, who had just flown in from San Francisco, and Richard T-Bear with his vast array of keyboard gear, were patiently waiting and together soon began to play the music, "Good Lovin'", "Groovin'", "Come on Up" and all the rest of the Rascals' hits. The chemistry between the new members was electric and the harmonies on all of the songs naturally fell into place like it was meant to be!

Then again on Tuesday night, with Dino on the phone talking through the set with the band, it became a magical time and the beginning of something very special. "Rehearsals in New York City with the full band is in the planning stages for some fine tuning,"
said Dino, "and the set will be ready for a high energy Rascals show!"
I booked our first show at a club in Las Vegas the folowing week but Dino canceled it. He couldn't get "his numbers" plus pay the rest of us!
Oh well, that's show biz! LocoLobo Events

Quarentinewhile: After a self-imposed hiatus that lasted nearly three decades, T Bear, aka Richard T. Bear, returns with a striking new album, Fresh Bear Tracks, on April 16th 2021via Quarto Valley Records. The 12 song collection offers a sturdy mix of blues, soul, and rock with a who’s who of special guests including Stephen Stills, Robby Krieger, Edgar Winter, Tom Scott, Walter Trout, and Hutch Hutchinson, to former Paul McCartney & Wings members Laurence Juber, Denny Seiwell, and The Heartbreakers’ Benmont Tench.



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