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A Tribute to The Chief
Largo Cultural Center 8/20/05

"In the summer of 65, we were young and so alive,
Rockin' at the Surfer's Club, What a magical time it was!
We were dancin' in the sand, playin' in a rock & roll band,
singin' "I Want More", and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"!
And I still get a chill, thinkin' about those days!
I still get a chill! New York and the Purple Haze, I Still get a chill!"
Charlie Souza / Eric Turner / Mel Dryer / Bobby Shea / Buddy Pendergrass

The Tropics were Florida's famous number one show band 1965 - 1969

In 1966 The Tropics won The International Battle of the Bands held at the famous McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. The Band took first place over more than 1000 bands, which included names as Chicago and Tommy James & The Shondells. Out of that came a recording contract with Columbia Records and the single "Take the Time," produced by Teo Macero, which made it to the top of the charts and got a "92" on Dick Clark's American Bandstand!

The 30-year reunion for the Tropics took place On May 7, 1999! The Fabulous Tropics played at the St. Petersburg, Florida, Coliseum. It was a benefit for All Children's Hospital. (As seen on "Good Day Tampa Bay" FOX 13) This was the time to get back in the studio and re-record some of their favorite tunes, some of these recordings are available now on this CD. The reunion was a tremendous success and many good friends were reunited in a free-spirited, fun-filled nostalgic evening, reliving the innocence of those wonderful times. "It was Fabulous" says Margie Sexton, the band's former manager and owner of the famous "SURFER'S CLUB," a Madeira Beach, Florida teen-age night club in the 60's. This 7 song CD contains a song written for the occasion, "Still Get a Chill!"
Dedicated to the loving memory of our brother and founding member of The Tropics, Buddy Pendergrass 1947 - 2003

The Original Band members include Eric Turner, Mel Dryer, Bobby Shea, Charlie Souza, and our brother
and Tropics founder, Buddy Pendergrass. ~
Buddy's Legacy

The Tropics Anthology 1965 ~ 1969The Tropics Anthology
..........................1965 - 1969

On this 17 song CD The Tropics Anthology 1965 - 1969, you'll find most all of the origional recordings of the records made by the band, some on Major labels like Columbia and Malaco Records, some on local Florida labels such as Thames and Laurie Records in NewYork..

All songs on this CD are the ORIGINAL RECORDINGS of Florida's #1 Show Band 1965-1969, The Fabulous Tropics!

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The Tropics Story: The incredible true tale of Florida’s #1 showband of the ’60s, as told by their longtime bass player Charlie Souza, who is still rocking today with the New Tropics. The show features many of the band's best-loved hits as well as the Tropics' recording of "Still Get a Chill."
Co-produced by host MalThursday and JeffMiami.
La Floridiana by Will Moriaty by Greg Haynes


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